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Dubai happens to add a great food experience to one of its stellar qualities that makes it a choice location. With a variety of dishes to suit any taste from traditional Japanese cuisines to Mediterranean style meals, Dubai got you covered.

The city boasts of numerous restaurants at select locations within the city that cater to a host of appetites. Whether you are looking to grab a quick breakfast or you plan on having an exquisite dinner, Dubai houses the best places to meet your needs.

The city has its glamor and elegance rubbed off on its restaurants, Luxury cars, Skyscrapers and the lush atmosphere provided to complement a great eating experience quickly shows off. And to cap it all, the value remains at a great budget that fits into your appetite.

Looking at complementing a great Dubai experience, Let’s have a look.

Best Restaurants in Dubai

  • Nammos
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Comfortably housed at the Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah beach, Nammos provides the great Mediterranean feel to a wonderful restaurant experience. The atmosphere parallels that of its Greek sister Mykonos where visitors enjoy the beachfront view offered.

Their menu boasts a variety of Mediterranean dishes, salads, grills, and a delight of sushi. You can have the popular mille-feuille with feta cream cheese that blends with the sea air. They also run a bar where visitors can grab a drink to relax.

The ambiance gives a relaxing feeling with its simple interior of wood and foliage. The outdoor scenery gives a lively vibe with music and lots of fun for friends and family. The casual beach dressing gives a youthful feel to the experience, adding to the pomp and elegance.

Catering is done with extreme care to meet the needs of customers and their staff is warm and courteous. This is the closest to Greece you can get.

  • Opa
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Opa’s owner Kyriakos had come from Greece to visit his son, only to discover that it was hard finding a place to have a taste of Greek cuisine. From then, he began to establish his Greek cultural heritage through great meals.

Located at Fairmont Dubai, Trade Center Area, Opa continues to dazzle visitors with its amazing menu. The menu comprises salads, red pepper cheese dip, roasted soft meat, and other delicious foods. The seafood makes for an amazing dinner choice. Recommended favorites are Tzatziki, Hummus Dips, Orzo Lobster Salad and Grilled Octopus.

A warm atmosphere with a smart casual or traditional appearance from the visitors. The service rendered by staff is excellent to give a great dining experience. Opa is a place to visit when looking for that chic and valuable restaurant for a meal.

Not to forget the great tradition of plate smashing – Fun!

  • Cipriani
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Another on our list is the Cipriani restaurant, one of many international franchises worldwide. It is also located at the hub DIFC. It has an exotic blue and white aesthetic, a high glass wood interior with amazing steel finishes, and leather brown chairs.

The core tradition of elegance that has been carried by four generations of Capriani’s is what drives the value given at any of their restaurants. This is well-replicated in Dubai. The environment is calm and serene and attracts visitors from all spheres.

It boasts an Italian-styled menu; the best quality available in the world. It also offers other mainstream menus and Japanese cuisine. The classical menu consists of appetizers and salads; soups, pasta, and risotto. Japanese cuisine includes the popular Sashimi salmon among others.

The restaurant is open throughout the week serving lunch and dinner. It also features a bar for a night out.

  • La Cantine
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La Cantine du faubourg is a Parisian-themed restaurant located at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Starting from rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, this great restaurant has found itself in the heart of Dubai.

Occupying a lush garden terrace, it continues to delight customers with its pleasant feel. The impact of its artist owners Pierre Pirajean and Helena Paraboschi can be felt on its beautiful and elegant styling.

You are always sure to get a great lunch or dinner to make your day.  The menu includes French, Mediterranean, and European cuisines. Their honey-glazed wagyu short rib is a must-taste. They also offer a special Vegan diet, Halal, and Gluten-Free options. They also run an independent Japanese restaurant concept – Gohan in celebration of an authentic Japanese dining room.

The environment is family-friendly with open-air dining. The restaurant prides itself on the 5 principles of sound, music, image, art, and food. They have a skilled staff who specialize in bringing out the perfect blend which brings out all pleasant sensations on your taste bud. Their service is top-notch and the goal is to make you want to visit again.

  • Zuma
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One of a host of international franchises, Zuma takes its spot among the best restaurants located in Dubai. This trendy Japanese restaurant is known for its amazing set-up with a special touch with service being offered. It sits at the heart of the city enjoying a surrounding with the Burj Khalifa.

Starting over a decade ago, Zuma is located at the International Financial Center, DIFC where it has consistently feted visitors with its great menus. You are guaranteed to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner need to be met with a word-class service here.

The menu comprises snacks, salads, and cold dishes. A Japanese feel created by great sushi, Robata seafood, and Tempura – The list goes on. Zuma also boasts a lounge, an amazing dining room, and a bar that adds to the experience.

Owner Rainer Becker who pioneered the food hub at DIFC with Zuma is relentless in providing the Japanese experience in the food and thereby has a similar restaurant – Roka in the city.

A complete food experience leaves an indelible memory. And whether you plan on visiting tradition through Italian, Japanese or French cuisine, Dubai has the best choices to satisfy your appetites. You get this while savoring a relaxing environment.