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Would I be wrong to say “Dubai is the unofficial capital of luxury, executive and sports cars”?. Would I? No, I’m not,

Yes, it is loosely clear that Dubai is known for its luxury lifestyles and its residents are very crazy about having their cars. In this guide, we will be revealing to you the top 10 most popular cars in Dubai.

According to recent statistics, an average Dubai resident changes their cars every 3 years. The need for owning a car in Dubai is very numerous, either for special purposes, personal use, or public transport. Some people own automobiles, as a sign of luxury and wealth.

Now, let’s get it straight, according to updated research and statistics.

Now, let’s get it straight, according to updated research and statistics,

Here are The 10 Most Popular Cars in Dubai.

Get a chilled glass of water as I take you through the journey, we will be starting from the bottom.

  • 10. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra is a compact car having a layout of front engine and front-wheel drive, it is a sedan with four doors and 5 seats, it is very famous in Dubai due to its easy-to-use infotainment system, speed, and fuel-efficient engines and most importantly it is popular because of its low price, price of new Hyundai Elantra ranges from 50,000- 70,000AED(2021).

Used Hyundai Elantra; 35,000- 45,000


  • 9. Honda Civic 
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Next on the list is the Honda Civic, Honda has been in existence for a long time, Honda Civic is one of their models that stand out due to its beautiful appearance, large cabin, Driver information interface, fuel economy, and affordability. In addition to this, it is built with easy-to-use technology features and has been a major competitor of the Toyota corolla.

  • 8. Toyota Corolla

Toyota is a trusted brand by many for years and has been producing cars with great performance. Toyota Corolla is a very popular car in Dubai and UAE at large. Toyota Corolla has been in existence since 1991 till date, it is a compact car with great fuel economy, user-friendly features, gas mileage and a pleasant, and comfortable driving experience.  One of the major reasons why Toyota Corolla is very famous and dominates the market is because of its great fuel economy.

The price of a Toyota Corolla ranges from 60,000- 80,000AED while used, 39,000-45,000AED.

  • 7. BMW X5
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BMW X5 is very famous for its sporty-looking appearance, talk about luxury, advanced handling, power, and versatility. BMW X5 combines everything, moreover, BMW X5 has a power-packed engine making it very rugged and reliable.

The price of a BMW X5 ranged from 310,000- 380,000AED while the used one ranged from; 110,000- 150,000 AED.

  • 6. Nissan Altima
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Yes, closely following BMW X5 is the Nissan Altima. Nissan has been a very popular and trusted brand for years, they started the production of Nissan in 1992.

Nissan Altima is a mid-size car, being more powerful and more luxurious, Nissan Altima is a great combo of super performance, driver assistance, flexible seating, and comfortable ride. Due to its enormous features and affordability, it’s very famous in the city of Dubai.

The price of Nissan Altima ranges from; 94,000- 95,000AED while the used one ranges from 30,000- 50,000AED.

very affordable right??… Yes, you can own a Nissan Altima for that amount.

  • 5. Nissan Patrol 
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Another very popular car from the Nissan brand in Dubai is the full-size SUV, Nissan Patrol. Nissan Patrol has been in existence since 1951. It is a full-size SUV having a layout of a front engine and four-wheel drive/rear-wheel drive. However Nissan patrol has been known for its great off-road ability, You command the road with this superb SUV,

The Latest-model Nissan patrol possesses an intelligent rear mirror, remote engine starter, and road monitor functions.

The price of a new Nissan patrol ranges from 79,000- 80,000AED while the used one ranges from 50,000- 60,000AED.

  • 4. Mitsubishi Pajero
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 Yes, I guess you have been anticipating this car on the list already.  Well, here it is. Mitsubishi Pajero is a full-size SUV with a front engine and four-wheel drive. It was first introduced in 1981 and stopped production in 2021. It is popular for its heavy-duty, off-road-oriented and super select four-wheel-drive system.

You can find Pajero almost everywhere in the streets of Dubai.

The price of a new Mitsubishi Pajero ranges from 123,000- 130,000AED. while used one range from 85,000 – 99,000AED.

  • 3. Mercedes E class 
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Talk about Luxury, durability, modern technology, performance, speed, a comfortable ride, and advanced handling,  Mercedes E class is All in one.  It is an executive car (E) with a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive/ all-wheel drive. The E class has occupied many market segments because of its size and durability.

  • 2. Toyota Camry 
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A lot of good things are packed in Toyota Camry. Toyota Camry ranked the second most popular on our list. Toyota Camry is very common in the city of Dubai, Most taxis you find in Dubai are Toyota Camry. It is the favorite car for the taxi driver in Dubai.

Camry is a mid-size car having a pair of four and six-cylinder engines. Camry stands out due to its user-friendly infotainment system, composed handling, big V6 engine, and relaxing ride.

The price of a new Toyota Camry ranges from 80,000- 90,000AED. while a used one ranges from 45,000 – 60,000AED

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser

Yes, It’s of no surprise to us that the Toyota land cruiser is at the top of the list. Land cruiser is the longest-running model series of Toyota. It has been in existence since 1951 to date. It is a full-size SUV with the layout of a front-engine, and four-wheel drive.

The reliability & longevity of the Land Cruiser has led to his popularity. The 2021 Toyota land cruiser possesses great off-road ability and tons of standard features.

The price of a Land cruiser ranges from 170,000- 280,000 AED while the used car ranges from 77,000 – 190,000AED


Here is the list of the top 10 most popular cars in Dubai. All these cars have amazing features, good fuel economy, and a lot of standard features. You can choose any of them based on your need, preference, and budget.